Centro de Crecimiento Is Asking for Your Old Clothes

October 8, 2009

Filed under: Civic Life in San Miguel — Annie @ 1:00 pm

Many visitors to San Miguel ask how they can assist local charities.   In addition to the local orphanages, there are also a number of very well-run social service groups that provide great benefits to the community.

One of these is Centro de Crecimiento.  Centro de Crecimiento is one of the only centers of its kind in Mexico for the treatment, education and training of children with disabilities. Whether a child is afflicted with Downs syndrome, autism, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, blindness, or any other type of disability, Centro de Crecimiento treats and educates children using a holistic approach that begins at birth and continues through the age of 18, and includes not just therapies and education for children, but also education and support for parents.

This organization has recently opened a small store at their location behind the TelMex office on the south side of town just off the Salida a Celaya.  The actual address is Calle Zamora Rios # 6, Colonia  Allende.  The hours for the Bazar Centro de Crecimiento (the name of the store) are 11 am to 2 pm, Monday through Friday.

To stock its shelves, the store is looking for donations of ANYTHING that people don’t want.  Clothes, shoes, household items, building supplies, ANYTHING — even if it needs repair.  All proceeds from the sale of these recycled items will go toward supporting the Centro de Crecimiento.  Their cash donations have dried up during this difficult economic year, as most of their funding comes from repeat donors both here and in the States, and every day they are getting emails from donors saying that they just can’t afford to give any more.

Anyone wishing to donate items to the Bazar can also arrange for a free pickup of the donated goods.  Just call the local number 152-0318  between 9 am and 3pm and ask for Christina, or leave a message with Blanca, the secretary.

Visitors might want to bring a suitcase of old clothes down to make a donation, thus freeing up their luggage for items they plan to purchase while in Mexico!

Like all charities, Centro de Crecimiento depends entirely on individual donations, fundraisers and volunteers. They do not receive any government funding. Especially in these difficult times, support from local residents and visitors to San Miguel means more than ever.

You can learn more about Centro de Crecimiento’ s critical mission of enabling families to improve the quality of their lives and ensuring that those with disabilities in San Miguel have an opportunity to succeed in life at  www.cdecsma.org.