Schedule for Oct 3rd – the “Alborada” in San Miguel

September 22, 2009

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One of the most festive days in San Miguel is the celebration of the “Alborada” — the pre-dawn re-enactment of St. Michael’s struggle with the devil.  This year, the Alborada will be celebrated in the early-morning hours of Saturday, October 3rd.  Here’s the general schedule of activities:

4:00 a.m.:  Alborada re-enactment  in front of the Parroquia church in the Jardín with lots of fireworks

5:00 a.m.:   Big procession entering town and heading up Calle Canal from the railroad station all the way to the Jardín — including the giant papier-mache figures (mojingangas), the tall pre-Hispanic corn husk displays (xúchiles), Indian dancers, lots of music, altogether one of the most beautiful processions of the year in a town that has many processions!  Definitely a must-see.   

11:00 a.m.:  A repeat procession takes place, but without the xúchiles because they are already placed in front of and behind the front fence railings of the Parroquia church.   This time, the procession comes up Calle Canal and then turns left on Calle Hernandez Macias rather than going all the way into the Jardín.   

Throughout the day:  Dancers, music, events taking place in the Jardín.

8:00 p.m.:   Bullfight in the bull ring on Calle Recreo.